You could say that I have a natural knack for technology.

I was born Daniel Liffick of Anchorage, Alaska. After a few years I was
raised in Oregon where I received my first computer. Straight out of
curiosity and opportunity to use such an amazingly capable piece of modern
technology, I began to create websites and graphics that were based off of
popular cartoons. As my computer skills grew, so did my interest in digital design.


But for a while, my creative flow was put to a halt. I graduated high school
in 2001; only months later, the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, and I decided to
join the United States Navy to work as a Cryptologist.
I was fortunate enough to travel to far and exotic places such as Singapore,
Dubai, Guam, Japan, and Djibouti, but my heart was still with media design,
so I created websites and graphics for the military while being enlisted.
I left the navy with rank E-5 and a Navy and
Marine Corps Achievement medal.

I decided to continue my education, so for two years I attended San Diego
City College to study film and theater under mentor Duane Gardella,
who helped me develop my skills in building and lighting movie sets.

Finally, I was able to turn my creativity into a career. I spent six years as a freelance
videographer and editor and I created small film projects during my free time. With hard work,
passion, and determination, I earned the opportunity to work with some popular 21st-century
companies, such as Discovery Channel, MTV, A&E, and CMT, as well as several hospitals and
police departments.

They say that when you work with something you love, success comes naturally. I truly
believe that because cameras and computers are my passions, an exceptional
amount of quality goes into my work. I've managed to make what often is just a hobby, into a
creative outlet and a career.